WYSIWYG field unlink behavior

Oct 9, 2015 at 7:40 PM
When unlinking WYSIWYG field on an installation with multiple languages, the WYSIWYG field is properly unlinked and the WYSIWYG EditContentGroup ReadOnly hidden input value is toggled, but all subsequent fields on the page are also unlinked and ReadOnly bits toggled. When this occurs, the subsequent fields still behave as read only -- for instance, on image fields the ellipses button is not displayed, and for selects, the select is not active. The error does not occur until the user clicks the unlink button on the WYSIWYG field. For instance, it won't occur if the user clicks the link/unlink button on a subsequent field after page load. See the screencast below for a demonstration.


The issue was occurring in 6.6.6 and still occurs after upgrade to 7.2.3. We're using Evoq 8.0. We have multiple languages installed.