is this will this be possible, entity typed content with layout settings or seperate templates ?

Jun 24, 2014 at 8:21 AM
Let me explain a bit more

I have a content type slide and a content type slide and a contenttype caption and a content type banner

i have one template banner, this has as content type of slider and list presentation as banner and it will have item presentation so I can set certain things etra for each slide

Each of my slides can have one or more captions so for this in my slides I can add one or more captions using the caption as an entity

At the moment the caption is filled with items as a caption can be an image text link or even a youtube video i have a lot of items that are not uses for every item lime iamge url video url autoplay etc.

Now for the question will there be an option to either apply a presenatation item to an entity so I can have the entity caption and the caption entity has presentation captiondisplay ( so not only apply item presentation in a tempalte but also in a content type )

Another option will be to use a template for the display of a content entity , this would be more in the setup as it is now come to think of it

i have a template caption, this will have the caption as contentitem and for presentation i use captionlayout

now in my slide i can have the caption content entity but tell it to do the display using the caption template?

Have you ever discussed features like these?


Jun 24, 2014 at 2:29 PM
Wow, this looks confusing :)

If I understand you correctly, you're asking if you could add "optional" data to an Entity - is this right?

For one: the presentation concept would be wrong. This is only applicable to show this specific entity on this specific module. so the presentation is NOT tied to the entity, but actually to the entity-on-this-page-with-this-template. The presentation is tightly linked to the template which is presenting something.

From what I understand, all you want to do is specifiy how exactly this one single caption is displayed, right? if yes, then I would just add the fields to that caption.
Jun 24, 2014 at 2:51 PM

Yeah After i posted that I kinda figured out that I would need to do it this way because of how this data is linked and one main set of data and not as a set per module

I just add the fields to the caption