multi file input type idea

May 26, 2014 at 10:10 AM
After making a very nice gallery/portfolio app which works perfect but has one drawback. I have to add the projecttype images as img1 img2 etc .. img10. And in the display part i just check if its empty. one projects can have a few images while another project can have a lot of images.

It would make it easier to work with both for the content editor as well as the one making the templates to have a multi item image type

for the content editor he can just select multiple images and is not presented with image 1 to 10 if he only has to enter 2 images

and cleans up the code as well as we can loop through the file/images collection

Is something like this in the planning as I can see lot of options for it to use for galleries, sliders, product images just to name a few

And now that we are on the subject of multi items I like the type entity opton that i can make an input type instead of a string another content type and use that ( categories etc )

however the way it is now i first have to add the item to the special content type and then I can add it for the main content item


i have a product and to that product I can add one or more tags

so I have a product type and one fo the inputs is an entity of the tags content type

so when I add a product I can add one ore more tags ( that are taken from the tags content type ) however if i am adding a new product and i think of a new tag i can add for this product i first have to add it to the tags in order to use it. It would be very nice just to be able to do that from with the product input .

so instead of the dropdown and a button to add it perhaps add another option to add a totl new one that is then also added to the tags to be used in other products all from the same product input

May 28, 2014 at 6:51 AM
So #1 would be

An entity that can have multiple images assigned
In reality this is a very limited scenario, because in most cases you'll need more info about each image - say a multi-lingual title. So each image will actually need more info than just the entity-assignment. We believe we'll provide a better solution to this kind of problem: entityId based folders or something. Still working on this though...could take a few more months.

The Entity-Type with in-dialog-add-functionality
Ok, it's on our wish-list.

May 28, 2014 at 8:20 AM
Hi Daniel

I am interested to see what you come with , in the mean time I will just work around the multi file thing by making a special contenttype for it and then add multiple images to here and then in the actual content type add these

If I look at this in your way yes its limited use for just a filelist, but if the Entity-Type with in-dialog-add-functionality is added in a few month it wont matter anymore because then I can do the same all from on location and that kinda mimics the multi input