houw about an input type that can be linked to a content type

Apr 14, 2014 at 8:41 AM

After working on a portfolio template and had to work around some issues

I had to make a portfolio so few details and a nr of images only Youc ant have multiple images in one input so i made image 1 to 5 and check if empty or not

but would this be doable for a next update

I create a portfolio content type and I create an image content type. now in the portfolio content type one of my input types would be the image content type . so with this i could add one or more images as well as my normal data

Unfortunately this is not there ( yet :) so would you ahve another idea how best to approach this , and also make it as easy as possible to edit for less techie people?
Apr 24, 2014 at 3:16 PM
In general I believe you would want to...
  1. Create a bunch of portfolio items
  2. Assign image items to the portfolio
Ideally step 2 would happen "automatically" so that the user would click "another image" in the portfolio and get a assigned image. We're just finish that in the new JS-API (so that new records can have prefilled values, incl. assignments to something). This could take another 2-3 weeks to finish, till then the user would just have to do the assignment manually (Entity-relationship)

Apr 24, 2014 at 3:30 PM
that would work but my supreme solution would be for this and a lot of other of my more advanced use cases

content type portfolio

title - string
description string
images - contenttype ( portfolioimage)

content type : portfolio image

then when you edit an item in place of the images you get the input that you would see as if you would have a tempalte with just the image contenttype

title : ________________________
description : __________________

default image +

Another use case would be a slider with one or more animated captions for each page

contenttype : slide

image: hyperlink
url: hyperlink
captions: contenttype(captions)

conenttype captions

animation on:text
animation off:text

so in edit that would show as

image: _________
url: ____________

caption - animation on - animation off - cssclass +
other caption - animation on - animation off - other cssclass +