A 'pencil icon' wrongly appear on the top right corner

Jul 23, 2013 at 3:38 PM
With DNN version 7.1 and 2sexycontent version 5.2 and the following settings:
admin/site settings/control panel mode: edit, control panel security: page editors.
On the top right corner of the module a 'pencil icon' is wrongly shown, moreover it is not working, it doesn't show any menu.
Aug 8, 2013 at 8:46 AM
This is caused by a bug in the new FriendlyUrlProvider in DNN 7.1.0. It’s reported in Issue 27702.
Unfortunately I can’t find the Issue 27702 anymore on the new DNN Tracker. The old URL was http://support.dotnetnuke.com/project/DNN/2/item/27702 which worked a few days ago and it’s still in the Google Cache.

Workaround from Bruce Chapman:
If this is affecting the site while the URL handling is in 'advanced' mode, you can easily revert back to using the 7.0.6 standard 'humanfriendly' mode as a workaround.

This is done by going into the web.config file, and finding the 'urlFormat' attribute in the Friendly Url Provider declaration. Change the value of urlFormat to "humanfriendly" and the URL handling will revert back to the same codebase as with 7.0.6.

This is a workaround for people using 7.1 while the issue is investigated.