2SexyContent for DotNetNuke (2sxc)

This tool helps web designers and developers prepare great looking, animated and sexy content templates which can then be filled with text, images and more by very normal users. You'll love it :)
Note: Moving code to Github. Newest code for 2SexyContent and EAV.

Version 5.4.1 (January 2014) & 5.5 (February)

  1. GPS-Coordinates Picker in Edit-dialog - will automatically set pin to address location of other fields and allow moving around more
  2. Permanent Page-linking: links to pages still work even if the page was moved (uses PageID instead of URL) more
  3. Permanent File-linking: links to files still work even if the file was moved (uses FileID instead of URL) more
  4. Import-Export more
    1. supporting Multilanguage-Data (very complex, we're very proud of this)
    2. exports old file-IDs and references so that they can be re-imported/re-assigned in target DNN
  5. Various performance improvements when editing
  6. UI-Improvements especially in the Relationship-Dialogs
  7. Re-Organized folder to allow future Apps-Installation and remove the word "sexy" from your source code (New in 5.5. - folder is now /2sxc/Content/, before it was /2sexy/
  8. Translation-Packs created - see dnn-connect for the following languages:
    1. French, Spanish, Catalonian, Russian, Ukranian

Version 5.3 (August 2013)

Version 5.2 (July 2013)

What's new, amazing and stable
  • Crazy caching: after an initial load, all requests will not require any database access at all. Now enabled by default.
  • JSON data delivery for really cool client side apps (like using knockout)
  • vCard generator built in
  • automatic data-versioning on all edits (note: no UI to retrieve yet, but data get's versioned)
  • new [Token] value providers: Module and QueryString
  • Completely reworked, documented and published EAV-Engine
  • New web sites with new videos, and new ones coming every few days...
  • loads of bug fixes
  • Note: the new pipeline designer isn't ready yet, so it's hidden

2SexyContent multilanguage in Version 4.0 stable!

Try the new multi-language content management! It's got so many neat features like
  1. Really neat UI for handling ML-Sites
  2. Perfect handling of partial translated content (which is usually the case)
  3. Ability to share values across languages; editing one changes all
  4. Auto-translate routing stuff through Google-Translate
  5. and more - all details here
  6. also neat CSS and JS Management feature
  7. loads of new documentation

Version 3.0 with Lists

We've gotten feedback like "congratulations on what I think is one of the most exciting features to DotNetNuke since the beginning of skinning". And we would love to hear similar from you. To discover it, please download and give us feedback.

For what's new in 3.0 - watch here: http://2sexycontent.org/Listsbeta.aspx

Project Description
2SexyContent is an Extension to create attractive, designed content. It lets web designer create designed templates for users to fill, creating amazing output.

Project Site for Videos, Tutorials and more: http://2SexyContent.org/

The Project is Sponsored by the DotNetNuke User Group Switzerland http://www.dnn.ch and by 2sic Internet Solutions http://www.2sic.com/.

License Terms
  • We grant you free use of our software, including the right to enhance the source code to your needs
  • We've used the simple MIT-License as described in the license

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