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2SexyContent v06.00.05 (stable)

Apps - the most important feature in 6.0

Apps are complete packages of data-definitions, views, data and files (like scripts, images). read more about Apps or watch this video where we create an App in 10 minutes
  • very easy to create and install & also easy to remove again without leaving traces - just like iPhone Apps!
  • they are automatically created & packed into a ZIP from the source system
  • with an online app-catalog
  • since these Apps are all built with simple technologies, they are easy to adapt after installing
  • Apps are multilingual by default and all data is automatically versioned (allows restore)
  • Apps have their own "Getting Started" page
  • Apps have central settings and resources (for multilingual views and stuff) which can also be used in tokens
  • Perfect for integrating existing other technologies like the Google Tag Manager or others
  • Perfect for demonstrating features & functionality like the new data-access API

Data Versioning and unpublished Save

Important Improvements in 6.0

The following improvements are features that were enhanced just to make them better, or to improve the way they are used in Apps.

Breaking Changes

  • Changed requirement to: DNN 7.2 (the first stable release of DNN 7 with functioning URLs) and also uses the new WebPages (Razor 2.0)

Important Changes in Razor

  • Now requires Razor 2.0 as the minimum engine (that's why we went for DNN 7 as the minimum)
  • Missing data (for example non-existing attributes) now return null instead of the text stored in the Content.Configuration.ErrorKeyMissing
  • Breaking: the Content.Configuration.ErrorKeyMissing was removed
  • Sub-Collections can now be easily iterated thanks to the the != null and foreach(x in Content.Products) syntax

Source Code found on GitHub

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