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Released: Sep 2, 2015
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Release Notes

Brand new Version with many new features.
  1. New in 7.2: DataSources for CSV, Caching and Paging; support of bower, github, npm, grunt to help in app development; Angular-Translate and more - check out the releases
  2. Permissions to allow anonymous to use REST or access Queries automatically (new in 7.1)
  3. REST access for JavaScript to all content - get list, get one, create new, update, delete. In Combination with new permissions can also be used for anonymous users (7.1)
  4. REST access for Queries (7.1)
  5. Visual Data-Query System to retrieve data from 2sxc, SQL or anything without writing code. This will allow web designers to create powerful Apps or create custom layout for other DNN-Modules like DNN-Events without any C# code!
  6. Advanced yet simple Token extensions allowing multiple repeats in a template (to visualize multiple lists) as well as showing sub-tokens like Book:Author:Name. Together with the Visual Data Query System it allows you to create extensive Apps without a single line of code.
  7. Import/Export of entire sites. This was inspired by Tracy Wittenkeller of T-Worx, who told me that Skin-Designers core problem is that they need to supply a full package where the customer gets a working, already-good-looking and content-pre-filled feature-rich site when they install everything. So now 2sxc can export all content-data and Apps in such a way to re-create the identical site elsewhere. This is great for site-migrations and staging-sites.
  8. AngularJS productivity helpers for SPAs and MAPs. We love AngularJS, and acknowledge that it's hard to get started with - especially because DNN has some requirements like HTTP-Headers which are easy to miss-implement. So we created an implementation which stays out of the way but does everything for you. If you wanted to use best-practices but failed - you'll love this!
  9. Single Pagers (for 1-page or long-page web sites) are an important trend not to miss - 2sxc provides new features like Section-Splitters and navigation helpers to help you create awesome HTML5 compliant single-pagers.
  10. No-Code Apps to customize other DNN-Modules. This is probably one of the most exciting future topics: how to create Apps without server code - and 2sxc will help you.
  11. Single Page Applications (SPAs) we developed various powerful concepts and demos to easily get started.
  12. Export/Import of data to aid migration from other CMSs and tools. Many people have old solutions using WebForms or want to migrate from Drupal, Joomla etc. - but find it hard. Thanks to this advanced feature you should be able to do amazing data migrations easily and it will also help you to mass-edit content-items.
  13. JSON streaming helpers (serializers) to deliver data from the Visual Query directly to JavaScript
  14. Much improved token-detection and abilty to add sub-property tokens like [Content:Author:LastName]
  15. Fallback tokens to deliver alternate content when something is missing. For example a default "no description" text or a CSS-Class when a property is not set. Example: [Content:PublicationDate||Date unknown] .
  16. Token-Stacking - so you can place default-texts in App-Resources...example: [Content:Author||[App:Resources:AuthorUnknown]] ...or you can define data-query parameters which check the URL first but use a default from the module - like: "Select * From Events Where EventId = [QueryString:Id||[In:Module:DefaultEventId||[App:Settings:DefaultEventId]]] "
  17. Many UI Improvements to make in-page editing better and help users - especially beginners - discover powerful features
  18. Data Sources #1 DnnSqlDataSource which allows you to get SQL Data but only from the DNN-Database
  19. Data Sources #2 All SQL Data Sources now have built-in SQL-Injection protection
  20. DataSources #3 Forms-And-List (formerly UdT = User defined Tables) data-sources
  21. DataSources #4 In-DataSource so you can configure a query with data from other data sources
  22. Test-Parameters built into the Query-Designer, so you can use test-cases like "What if the URL had ..." for previewing your queries
  23. Help for users - mainly content-editors - located on 2sxc.org/help
  24. View-Name in URL to automatically switch between views without code or additional pages, just based on the URL

Reviews for this release

Great release 8.x. 2sxc is a must have. Easy and powerfull. Loved by end users, admins and integrators.
by BravoSierra on Oct 29, 2015 at 12:35 PM
great module
by dnastone on Oct 1, 2015 at 9:31 AM
This is the most exciting thing I've seen for DNN since we first installed the CMS back in 2009!
by jlscott on Aug 20, 2015 at 6:33 PM
I use 2sxc throughout our DNN site, and it never fails to surprise me. I was on a recent webinar with the DNN team, and they mentioned how impressed they were with some of the apps that were being created with 2sxc. From the front-end to the back, the extension is user-friendly, flexible, and very powerful. The nice thing is, I'm not even scratching the surface of what can actually be done with it. As a bonus, the developers and community are very helpful & responsive. What more can you ask for?
by grayspace on Jun 15, 2015 at 2:58 PM
I love what you guys are doing with this module but we tried installing 7.0.2 on 2 different servers and had a whole series of problems during installation that we didn't experience with the 6.x releases. UPDATE 1: we were able to install the module quickly with no problems on another site... So it seems the issue is something particular to our one install (and it happens on both the beta and the live server) UPDATE 2: The install problem resulted from incorrect permission settings on the site. So that was our fault and nothing to do with the module. We still have one other issue, the App Selector Drop Down List isn't displaying but Daniel is looking into it. UPDATE 3: Great support for a free and open source module. Daniel looked into my problem and found a rather obscure setting, "Use Custom Module Css Class?" , that was causing the problem and will be working to make the module work without that being checked. Some really exciting stuff going on with this module, we hope to contribute new apps.
by efficiondave on May 19, 2015 at 3:15 PM
please note that the upgrade has to do a lot of data conversion - so there are sometimes time-outs. Just re-run the upgrade again - it should pick up where it was stopped. Give feedback if you get it to work and/or if you find another issue.
Reply by 2sicDev (Coordinator) on May 15, 2015 at 10:44 PM