2sxc New 8.01.01 on DNN 8.0 News App

Jan 24, 2016 at 10:44 PM
I've installed 2sxc, on a new installation of DNN.

The first extension added was the 2sxc content. I then created a page, added an App to the page, then when to select the app. It did not exist, so select Choose App, get more apps, choose file, selected the news zip file (01.00.01). It "seemed" to upload successfully, but then when I go back to the app page, it does not show in the drop down. When I repeat the process, it said that it already exists. (it does show in the 0/2sxc folder)

Any thoughts on how I can make it visible?
Jan 25, 2016 at 7:36 AM
Could you check if it's a caching issue by flushing the dnn-cache / restarting the web-application?
Jan 26, 2016 at 5:11 AM
Don't think it is caching. Restarted the web server, and the Apps don't show up. I even went to the length of erasing DNN 8.0 entirely, restarted, Added 2sxc content, then added an App and clicked the button "Install demo apps". Now all the apps don't
show at all. Tried installing the App you sent me (1.00.03), and it tells me that I cannot install because the FAQ folder already exists (confirming that the app was installed) Deleted the folder, reinstalled the 1.00.03 app (success message) Apps still don't
show Restarted Web Site Apps still don't show ToSIC_EAV_Apps shows 5 Guids 12c4f180-8c08-497e-8c33-734e19788c16 33c54043-35c3-45f2-b110-f0d1886b1c20 55e57a39-e506-416a-aed0-1c7459d31e86 58c02a22-9e89-42c0-a2d7-7cd8db105de5 bc0d9887-6214-48dc-bcf7-16bfc4597c71
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Jan 27, 2016 at 7:10 AM
@dpSwartz thanks for trying all that.

Let's try to find out if it's a the data or the JavaScript that causes problems. Could you see what happens on the wire using Fiddler or the browser console? You should have a request to /.../GetSelectableApps and the result should be like
[{"Name":"AppCatalog","AppId":12},{"Name":"Blog","AppId":78},{"Name":"FAQ with Categories","AppId":101},{"Name":"Features Documentation","AppId":40},{"Name":"Links by Tag","AppId":64},{"Name":"Showcase - Catalog","AppId":50},{"Name":"SyntaxHighlighter","AppId":76},{"Name":"Tutorial ADAM","AppId":93}]
Do you already see your GUIDs in the JSON for the Name-attributes? I will assume yes, but please check.

Then let's check the data in management. Please go to the manage-all-apps, select an app and go to the data-tab in the admin-view.

Now please go into Advanced mode and change to the "2SexyContent-App" scope (here's how: http://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/advanced-dynamic-data-content-understanding-content-type-scopes)

You should see a Content-Type called "2SexyContent-App" with 1 entity, that's the one containing the App-metadata (describing the name, version, etc.).

Do you have this item, or is it missing?