use case question

Jan 5, 2016 at 2:12 PM

I have a project that I think I worked out the best solution for but just wanted to check with you

There is a main content type of schools, with a nr of fields, some of them being entity fields to other content types such as a list of teachers for that school.

The idea is that all the data is kept in one place and modules can be placed on a page that shows susbset of the data.

Main idea: The administrator of the site adds a new page, adds a new module and on there he can select that he want to show all the teachers of a specific school or other data specific to that specific school. This is done by list presentation setting of a content type entity that is linked to the schools content type

My idea would be for instance for the teacher list is have a template that works on the content type teachers , goes through all of them and checks if the school selected in the presentation setting the same as the one attached to that teacher and if so display it.

Same goes for instance for the address data , it uses the data of all the schools and only show the address data of the school that is selected in the presentation settings.

Is this the best way to do it or do you have an even better solution?