Multiple images per entity

Jun 4, 2015 at 7:59 AM
Hi Daniel

At dnnconnect we talked about multiple image upload per entity and you mentioned you had a solution for that

Would you mind letting me know how to do it so i can integrate it in my app ?

ps: I did mail you about this personally but i think others might like to know as well so also a post here

Jun 4, 2015 at 10:52 AM
Hi Armand
Yes, Codeplex is the public way to go - thanks :)

Here's a short summary of the solution
  1. Each item/product has a folder for all images.
  2. The editor places the images in that folder - and the script will show all the images automatically.
  3. the label / text for the image is derived automatically from the file name
  4. but the editor can then re-describe the image using 2sxc if we wants to
What are the challenges?
  1. Folder-creation and upload. In simple low-budget cases, we just tell the customer to create the folder himself in a root folder (like in Apps/product-guid) and upload the images using the dnn image manager (drag-drop etc.) This is what we do in the app-catalog on
  2. Folder-creation can of course be automated - with a upload-system like in the demo blueimp gallery - so the editor sees such a gallery on the details-page, and a drag-drop-upload would then automatically ensure it lands in the right folder (easy to do, just fiddle around with the upload-code of the blueimp)
  3. showing all the images in a folder: again very simple - just play around with the blue-imp example
  4. adding metadata to the image: again just do it like the blueimp. In general the "master-list" is the file system, and if 2sxc finds data for this file, it will show it, otherwise it will give the editor an "edit" button which will create a new describing entity - with the file-number as pre-filled reference for quick retrieval later on
So it's basically the blue-imp gallery all over, just with one level of folders more, where each folder is the product-id or another number which identifies a product.
Jun 4, 2015 at 11:14 AM