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2sxc for DotNetNuke

Create Amazing Content and DNN Apps

This tool helps web designers and developers prepare great looking, animated and sexy content templates which can then be filled with text, images and more by very normal users. You'll love it :)

New Download Site

2sxc has been moved to Github, and Codeplex is shutting down. So the download location for newer versions has changed - please go to to download all new versions.

Older downloads from CodePlex

2sxc v08.12 (stable) see newest changes

Highlights of 8.11 / 8.12

  • Installation Speed-up by 20-50x
  • various minor bug fixes and some minor features

Highlights of 8.10

Highlights of 8.9

Highlights of 8.8

Highlights of 8.7

Highlights of 8.6

  1. Shake to edit on mobile devices
  2. wysiwyg improvements
  3. various JS API improvements - read blog post
  4. improvements for the designer/developer workflow

Highlights of 8.5

  1. Material Design in edit-dialog
  2. Ability to un-publish new items (so not just hide changes, also hide previously published items)
  3. Many filter options (operators) on the ValueFilter DataSource
  4. DnnProfile Data Source
  5. App / Zone -change settings for App DataSource
  6. Ability to configure ADAM buttons on the hyperlink field-type
  7. 8.5.2: content-type metadata to add instructions and multi-language labels
  8. 8.5.2: export data in a github versionable format to version apps

Highlights of 8.4

  1. Content-Blocks and App-Blocks inside Content Items (inner content)
  2. Quick-Insert to add modules / content-blocks in view-mode
  3. AngularJS is now not included in edit-mode any more, allowing developers to use any angularjs version they want
  4. More performance improvements - pages and api-calls can now render render in about 0.1 seconds
  5. Fixed Azure compatibility issues related to the newer edition of SQL Azure

Also important internal fixes/improvements
  • all import/export dialogs are now JS based (no more web-forms on that)
  • completely refactored module-rendering so that all webforms dependencies are gon :)
  • installer was majorly refactored with more logging and some fixes making it much faster / more reliable
  • Fixed search issues not indexing app-modules
  • Moved module-level data web-api call to use web-api
  • minor face-lift regarding icons/logos

Some general bugfixes which may have affected you
  • module-titles are updated again
  • tiny-mce (wysiwyg) lists now don't format the text any more
  • app-export errors

New in V8.3

  1. icon-picker field type
  2. url-path field type
  3. improvements on the entity-picker field
  4. Item-Level owner permissions
  5. new api to use 2sxc outside of 2sxc :)
  6. many fixes, incl. search-integration

New in V8.2

  1. Awesome code-editor based on ACE
  2. completely dropped jQuery and updated the visual query designer
  3. Ctrl+S support
  4. Metadata API (linked information)
  5. Power-Image-Resizer with crazy powerful caching

New in V8.1

  1. Awesome WYSIWYG with drag-drop for assets
  2. File-Library field
  3. Awesome template / view editor
  4. Powerful content-items table
  5. ADAM 1.2 with file and folder metadata
  6. Enhanced page export/import support (for pages-emplates)
  7. and much more :)

What's new in V8

  1. Amazingly fast, awesome javascript-based UI
  2. Edit content without going into edit-mode (much faster this way)
  3. ...and save content, without reloading the page (thanks to AJAX)
  4. Introducing ADAM - I'll tell you more about him later
  5. Totally refactored admin UI with at least 25 new power-features
  6. Did I already say super fast?
  7. Field-Group-Headings
  8. Framework to create own field-types (so your own string-employee-from-backend-picker)
  9. Newest image-resizer
  10. really nice UI
  11. fast... :)

read release notes for v8

Visual Query Designer, No-Code-App, Site-Copy and more in V7

  1. Visual Data-Query System to retrieve data from 2sxc, SQL or anything without writing code. This will allow web designers to create powerful Apps or create custom layout for other DNN-Modules like DNN-Events without any C# code!
  2. Advanced yet simple Token extensions allowing multiple repeats in a template (to visualize multiple lists) as well as showing sub-tokens like Book:Author:Name. Together with the Visual Data Query System it allows you to create extensive Apps without a single line of code.
  3. Import/Export of entire sites. This was inspired by Tracy Wittenkeller of T-Worx, who told me that Skin-Designers core problem is that they need to supply a full package where the customer gets a working, already-good-looking and content-pre-filled feature-rich site when they install everything. So now 2sxc can export all content-data and Apps in such a way to re-create the identical site elsewhere. This is great for site-migrations and staging-sites.
  4. AngularJS productivity helpers for SPAs and MAPs. We love AngularJS, and acknowledge that it's hard to get started with - especially because DNN has some requirements like HTTP-Headers which are easy to miss-implement. So we created an implementation which stays out of the way but does everything for you. If you wanted to use best-practices but failed - you'll love this!
  5. Single Pagers (for 1-page or long-page web sites) are an important trend not to miss - 2sxc provides new features like Section-Splitters and navigation helpers to help you create awesome HTML5 compliant single-pagers.
  6. No-Code Apps to customize other DNN-Modules. This is probably one of the most exciting future topics: how to create Apps without server code - and 2sxc will help you.
  7. Single Page Applications (SPAs) we developed various powerful concepts and demos to easily get started.
  8. Export/Import of data to aid migration from other CMSs and tools. Many people have old solutions using WebForms or want to migrate from Drupal, Joomla etc. - but find it hard. Thanks to this advanced feature you should be able to do amazing data migrations easily and it will also help you to mass-edit content-items.
  9. JSON streaming helpers (serializers) to deliver data from the Visual Query directly to JavaScript
  10. Much improved token-detection and abilty to add sub-property tokens like [Content:Author:LastName]
  11. Fallback tokens to deliver alternate content when something is missing. For example a default "no description" text or a CSS-Class when a property is not set. Example: [Content:PublicationDate||Date unknown] .
  12. Token-Stacking - so you can place default-texts in App-Resources...example: [Content:Author||[App:Resources:AuthorUnknown]] ...or you can define data-query parameters which check the URL first but use a default from the module - like: "Select * From Events Where EventId = [QueryString:Id||[In:Module:DefaultEventId||[App:Settings:DefaultEventId]]] "
  13. Many UI Improvements to make in-page editing better and help users - especially beginners - discover powerful features
  14. Data Sources #1 DnnSqlDataSource which allows you to get SQL Data but only from the DNN-Database
  15. Data Sources #2 All SQL Data Sources now have built-in SQL-Injection protection
  16. DataSources #3 Forms-And-List (formerly UdT = User defined Tables) data-sources
  17. DataSources #4 In-DataSource so you can configure a query with data from other data sources
  18. Test-Parameters built into the Query-Designer, so you can use test-cases like "What if the URL had ..." for previewing your queries
  19. Help for users - mainly content-editors - located on
  20. View-Name in URL to automatically switch between views without code or additional pages, just based on the URL

Apps - the most important feature in 6.0

Apps are complete packages of data-definitions, views, data and files (like scripts, images). read more about Apps or watch this video where we create an App in 10 minutes
  • very easy to create and install & also easy to remove again without leaving traces - just like iPhone Apps!
  • they are automatically created & packed into a ZIP from the source system
  • with an online app-catalog
  • since these Apps are all built with simple technologies, they are easy to adapt after installing
  • Apps are multilingual by default and all data is automatically versioned (allows restore)
  • Apps have their own "Getting Started" page
  • Apps have central settings and resources (for multilingual views and stuff) which can also be used in tokens
  • Perfect for integrating existing other technologies like the Google Tag Manager or others
  • Perfect for demonstrating features & functionality like the new data-access API

Data Versioning and unpublished Save

Important Improvements in 6.0

The following improvements are features that were enhanced just to make them better, or to improve the way they are used in Apps.

Version 5.4.1 (January 2014) & 5.5 (February)

  1. GPS-Coordinates Picker in Edit-dialog - will automatically set pin to address location of other fields and allow moving around more
  2. Permanent Page-linking: links to pages still work even if the page was moved (uses PageID instead of URL) more
  3. Permanent File-linking: links to files still work even if the file was moved (uses FileID instead of URL) more
  4. Import-Export more
    1. supporting Multilanguage-Data (very complex, we're very proud of this)
    2. exports old file-IDs and references so that they can be re-imported/re-assigned in target DNN
  5. Various performance improvements when editing
  6. UI-Improvements especially in the Relationship-Dialogs
  7. Re-Organized folder to allow future Apps-Installation and remove the word "sexy" from your source code (New in 5.5. - folder is now /2sxc/Content/, before it was /2sexy/
  8. Translation-Packs created - see dnn-connect for the following languages:
    1. French, Spanish, Catalonian, Russian, Ukranian

Version 5.3 (August 2013)

Version 5.2 (July 2013)

What's new, amazing and stable
  • Crazy caching: after an initial load, all requests will not require any database access at all. Now enabled by default.
  • JSON data delivery for really cool client side apps (like using knockout)
  • vCard generator built in
  • automatic data-versioning on all edits (note: no UI to retrieve yet, but data get's versioned)
  • new [Token] value providers: Module and QueryString
  • Completely reworked, documented and published EAV-Engine
  • New web sites with new videos, and new ones coming every few days...
  • loads of bug fixes
  • Note: the new pipeline designer isn't ready yet, so it's hidden

2sxc multilanguage in Version 4.0 stable!

Try the new multi-language content management! It's got so many neat features like
  1. Really neat UI for handling ML-Sites
  2. Perfect handling of partial translated content (which is usually the case)
  3. Ability to share values across languages; editing one changes all
  4. Auto-translate routing stuff through Google-Translate
  5. and more - all details here
  6. also neat CSS and JS Management feature
  7. loads of new documentation

Version 3.0 with Lists

We've gotten feedback like "congratulations on what I think is one of the most exciting features to DotNetNuke since the beginning of skinning". And we would love to hear similar from you. To discover it, please download and give us feedback.

For what's new in 3.0 - watch here:

Project Description
2sxc lets you create structured, designed content. It lets web designer create designed templates for users to fill, creating amazing output.

Project Site for Videos, Tutorials and more:

The Project is Sponsored by the DotNetNuke User Group Switzerland and by 2sic Internet Solutions

License Terms
  • We grant you free use of our software, including the right to enhance the source code to your needs
  • We've used the simple MIT-License as described in the license

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